How DNS servers work

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Documentation interactive on the operation of DNS servers

Easier to understand than of long explanations (endless discussions), this documentation will solve the questions that you ask.

We often hear that these famous "DNS Server" and yet for many obscure.
Generally the explanations found on Internet are difficult to understand for the non technicians in networks (when they are correct ).
Of course the documentation provided here will not make you a "DNS Engineer", it simply allows you to understand the main function of DNS servers, as well as the train before reaching the answer to the main question sought "IP ADDRESS ".
The servers DNS (Domain Name System) used to know "among other things" the IP address (field A) a FQDN that will find and access the server on which the site is hosted.

Domaine name

FQDN (fully qualified domain name) a prefix is added before the Name of domain, one gets the thus "under domains", every FQDN can be a distinct and same site to have an address different IP.

The various types of server "DNS"

Root Servers
Domain Name System "DNS"
Domain Name Serveur "DNS"
  - Primary DNS Server
- Secondary DNS server
DNS cache server


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